The Center for Life and Work manages internships for academic credit.  In order to register for the internship course, the Internship Contract and Student Liability Waiver must be submitted to our office by the appropriate deadlines. These forms can be found on the Hub under Student Forms.

Internship Course Registration Deadlines

Fall 2019

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Spring 2020

February 5, 2020

Summer 2020

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Have a question? Check out the list below for a few of the most common inquiries. To find out more information, email

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You may receive academic credit through your internship if:

  • The internship is directly related to either your program or your career interest

  • 在线成 人影片,在线看的性视频网站,51社区免费视频最新The internship is at least 45 total hours for BFA or 60 total hours for MFA/MA

  • 在线成 人影片,在线看的性视频网站,51社区免费视频最新A faculty member (preferably in your school) approves of your internship and agrees to be your faculty supervisor and issue you and grade at the end of the semester

  • The Internship Contract and Waiver are submitted by the listed deadlines to The Center for Life and Work

  • 在线成 人影片,在线看的性视频网站,51社区免费视频最新The student successfully completed the agreed upon hours listed on the Internship Contract

  • A reflective essay and site evaluation completed by the student is submitted to The Center for Life and Work by the listed deadline

  • 在线成 人影片,在线看的性视频网站,51社区免费视频最新A student evaluation completed by the internship supervisor is completed and submitted to The Center for Life and Work by the intern by the listed deadline

Yes. International students are eligible to complete authorized internship opportunities through Curricular Practical Training (CPT). For more information, contact the International Student Affairs by emailing

Students (excluding International students) may engage in an internship with a company without completing the Internship Contract and Waiver.  However, we encourage students to register their internship so that there is a clear learning agreement between the student and the employer.