An efficient way to begin your job search is to have an up-to-date professional package ready to go. This may include a resume, cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and artist bio and statement. Helpful guides for creating these documents, as well as information for where to find on-campus and off-campus jobs are provided below.

Student Employment at CalArts 

Check out the Internal Student Job Board在线成 人影片,在线看的性视频网站,51社区免费视频最新 for available work-study and non work-study employment opportunities.

Important information regarding student employment:

  • Hourly wages are at least the federal minimum wage but may be higher, depending on the position. Minimum wage is $12.00 per hour.
  • Work-study students must complete timesheets on time and accurately for each pay period before they will be paid. 
  • Students are paid every other week and paychecks may be picked up at the Cashier's Office.
  • During regular academic semesters, domestic students may work a maximum of 8 hours a day and 25 hours per week.
  • International students may work up to 20 hours a week.
  • During breaks, students may work a maximum of 8 hours a day and up to 40 hours per week.

Student Job Descriptions

  • Administrative – Provide general administrative support for a CalArts faculty member, academic or administrative office, or class, including answering phones and email, filing, assistance with communications and mailings, and other duties as assigned.
  • Non-Technical Support – Serve as drivers, responsible for equipment maintenance or room maintenance.
  • Technical – Provide technical support that requires technical knowledge for cameras, labs, lighting, installations, and production.
  • Instruction – Serve as Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, student tutors, and researchers.
  • Community Arts Partnership – a variety of positions are available with the Community Arts Partnership, a co-curricular program of CalArts that offers free, after-school and school-based arts programs for youth ages 6-18 in every discipline taught at CalArts. Programs are offered at public schools, community centers and social service agencies, covering a thousand square mile radius across Los Angeles County.

More information regarding federal work-study and student employment can be found under Financial Aid

External Job Boards

  • CommonSpace - CalArts’ exclusive job board for current students and alumnx
  • - Los Angeles Metier inclusive Job Board
  • - Nationwide Metier inclusive Job Board
  • - Nationwide Metier inclusive Job Board
  • - Advertising, Marketing, Digital and Interactive Full-time and Freelance Job Search
  • - Digital, creative, and marketing recruitment
  • - Los Angeles County Arts Commission Listserv
  • - crewing and networking resources for the Film & TV industry
  • - National Association of Colleges and Employers
  • - Worldwide Metier inclusive Job Board
  • - Creatives Job Placement and Networking
  • - Postings for acting opportunities across North American 
  • - Postings for acting opportunities in Los Angeles
  • - Postings for auditions and Film, TV, Theater, and Music production jobs
  • - Entertainment job and internship listings 
  • - Administrative and production opportunities around Los Angeles
  • - Film, TV, Theater, and Modeling audition postings 
  • - National source for behind-the-scenes jobs in the live entertainment industry
  • - Administrative, artistic, and production jobs, and career development resources 
  • - Film, TV, Gaming, VR, and Advertisement job postings
  • - Source for dance auditions, workshops, and inspiration 
  • - Postings for dance auditions and networking (monthly membership fee)
  • - Nationwide commercial art job board
  • - Job postings and other information for museum employment
  • - Job-site for museums, galleries, libraries, and archives in the United Kingdom
  • - Videogame, animation, VFX, and software/technology job postings 
  • - Jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • - Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies